Stage Lighting Systems: Symbolism

The aim of the theatrical team is to put on the best show possible for the audience. This is achieved by creating the right atmosphere and positioning the audience correctly right from the start and then maintaining this grip over them throughout the entire performance.

Working in a theatrical team means considering all aspects of the performance and the venue, including technical aspects such as lighting and audio.

Stage lighting systems involve items such as spotlights, lighting bars and grids, lighting filters and special effects. The purpose of having such lighting is to create ambiance, dramatic impact and symbolism.

Symbolism is very important in dramatic performances because it can convey a lot of information to the viewer. Firstly, it can suggest a time of day for when a scene is meant to be taking place. For example, at a performance where it is meant to be sunset, filters can be used to help create a dusky effect with a red glow to help the audience visualize the scene more clearly.

A theater group specializing in stage lighting, Manchester based, commented “Spotlights are very popular in theaters because they create great dramatic impact. It can help with monologues in theatrical performances to ensure the viewer is focused on only the actor and nothing else on stage.”

Using filters in theatrical performances is also a popular choice as it can create a colorful glow on stage. This can aid a performance in the absence of a set. Some minimalistic performances benefit a great deal from a creative lighting technician who can aid the show with special effects and other lighting solutions.

One theater in Stoke commented, “We put a great deal of effort into our lighting systems because we know how important it is to light the set both practically and dramatically. We also place a great deal of emphasis on our audio systems because again this is very important.

We had a PA system installed to help us practically with announcement calls in the theater, and then we had special speakers installed so that each actor could have a microphone on stage and the sound could be heard by everyone in the auditorium, even the people right at the back. We have in fact created a type of surround sound to make the performance even more effective and to give our viewers the best experience possible.”

So to create a mesmerizing show, all aspects need to be present. The stage lighting, sound, equipment such as drapes, props and of course the actors and actresses. Don’t sell yourself short by neglecting one of these important factors.

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